Go Earth

Glow + Recycle + Reuse = GO Earth

10 empty Skin by SOGO containers = 1 FREE product of your choice 
Skin by SOGO is dedicated to a radiance that glows from outside to within with our all-natural products for your body but we also desire our environment to be just as radiant. We have one Earth and it is our job to protect it as a community. Recycle with us and be a part of GO Earth’s effort towards a cleaner earth. 

How to participate: 

Step 1: Make sure you’ve used every last bit of Skin by SOGO butter for maximum benefit.
Trust us, every scoop counts.

Step 2: Clean out your containers with mild soapy water.

Step 3: Fill out the form below.

Step 4: Once your form is received, please allow 1-2 business days for a shipping label from our team to be sent to you.

Step 5: Pack your jars and send them to us. When items arrive, we will alert you with confirmation of jars received followed up with a tracking number for your new Skin by SOGO product!

Step 6: Wait patiently for your FREE product to be delivered to you.

Step 7: Smile, you are helping save the Earth :)

Returned containers must have labels on them even if labels have scratches or are worn out.
This is to ensure the bottles do belong to us.