Shea Butter is not only Skin by SOGO’s story, it’s our ancestors’ story. Traditionally, in many African households, it is customary that we revere Africa as a continent of simplicity and abundant natural resources. From using natural herbs to treat illness, or plucking ripe fruits from trees for an afternoon snack, to using Shea Butter not only as a body moisturizer but for healing when appropriately blended, our ancestors’ resourceful methods have been passed down for generations and that is something we won’t compromise on but share with the world.

The birth of Skin by SOGO had many goals in mind, but it all boils down to this: high-quality, all-natural products used to moisturize skin and hair of all types. To embrace the wisdom of our ancestors’ methods of using the earth's resources as they are -- chemical free, natural, and SIMPLE -- in order to maintain radiant, hydrated, and glowing skin. Seeing the benefits and success firsthand of Shea Butter is what makes Skin by SOGO inseparable from its African tradition. Our Shea Butter is hand ground by the women of Guinea for women of all backgrounds to take part in the legacy of our ancestors' simplistic approach to beauty.

Our mission starts with a single key ingredient: Shea Butter

A product made by women for women, where we are able to share in each other’s stories and accomplishments. Our team’s needs are met when the women of Guinea harvest, collect, and process the purest grade and highest quality of Shea nuts to start in the revolving cycle of the supply chain. In return, the women of Guinea's needs are met once we purchase their finished product, creating for them a source of economic freedom and the ability to take care of their families. Our consumers' needs are fulfilled when Skin by SOGO’s products are purchased to provide moisture and other benefits from head to toe. With a single product, we all tell a story and it is confidence, beauty, community, and power.

What we stand for and our promise to you…….
Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free, 100% Natural Unrefined Shea Butter

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Handmade with simple and clean ingredients. Not overcomplicating the power of inner and outer beauty.

Feminine Tribe

A universal product that celebrates each woman while creating bonds. 

Natural Healing

For healing deeper than the skin.


A radiance that glows from outside to within

Good for Skin

Generational ingredient passed down from one generation to another to create sustainable economic growth and empowerment within our Femme Tribe

"GO forward and bring a woman with you. Go backwards and leave yourself and the tribe behind”

Though Skin by SOGO prides itself in hand making all of our products in New York, we would not be able to start our journey without our team of women in Guinea. The Shea Butter process starts with their arduous work. Women across the globe can tackle their days with a product made specifically for them. Skin by SOGO’s vision is to not only create an environment which embodies diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment through skin and hair care, but to also circulate an increase in wealth and independence for the sedulous women of Guinea -- who strive every day to provide us with the perfect Shea Butter.